How to set up your github blog with your domain host.

25 Sep 2015 | |

“As Strother Martin once said in cool hand luke…What we’ve got here…is a failure to communicate…”

notational velocity

29 Apr 2015 | |

“Scotty…how much longer before we reach Notational Velocity?.” …“Jeem…I’m giving her all she’s got! She can’t take moooch moore!

rails view debug

14 Mar 2015 | | rails

“I would really like to see you..really…”

rake rails:update

28 Feb 2015 | | rails

"I just want to test out this railscast...."

Why I like Rubymine

14 Feb 2015 | | rails

“I like tools and going to Home Depot to look at them. Even buy unfortunately.”

Rails with Postgres and MySql

08 Feb 2015 | | rails

"If you can just get it setup, you are halfway there...or...its not the mountains ahead that wear you down, but rather the grain of sand in your shoe."
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