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“Hard work makes up for lack of brains”…Jason Suma’s Dad

I enjoy programming. I am an experienced iSeries /AS400 Application Developer and Analyst with over 25 years on the mid-range system. Any and all the languages ever used on the platform in addition to SQL and DB/2 expertise. Most places use RPG/free these days, but I can code it all. Even the cycle. I can fill any role from analyst to DBA to developer to project lead.

I can adapt to your methodology(Agile/scrum for example) as I have seen most of them. The bottom line is getting the job done.

All my years of experience have led me to a simple approach and philosophy. Each project or problem undertake is guided by basic principles.

Since I have been on this platform 25 years plus I did not think it made sense to document every single thing I have ever done. I doubt it would get read. I only briefly summarize here the last 10 years of my experience for brevity. If your particular requirement calls for some specialized skill ask me I may have it. From my experience every programming situation is different but there are common solutions and best practices which are more a function of experience over time that any one job that I did. Also since the big one(crash) things have changed a lot in the iSeries world. I have been contracting mostly because the new paradigm seems to be not hiring perm anymore. Its not a reflection of what I prefer but rather a reflection of the times.

Work History

July 2018 – April 2019 Senior iseries Consultant – Bank of American thru Signature Consultants

Brought in for a loan conversion project for a compliance directive. SQLILERPG and Scrum Team/Agile Methodology being used. I have had Scrum training as well. I was given the bulk of the work for this tight deadline high priority project. The scrum master thought that given what we had to do and the slow start there was no way we would get it done. I told him no problem and it got done.

I also worked on the Escrow team for awhile implementing several successful changes.

Oct 2015 – Jan. 2017 Senior iseries Consultant – Bank of America thru UST Global

Monitor and Logging and PHH Loan acquisition/Conversion Project. Heavy SQL and RPGFREE/ILE. Made audit related changes and also a conversion job where creating tables from COBOL data division was required.

Jan 2014 –March 2014 Senior Consultant – Bank of America thru Rose International

Contract for the Architecture and Shared Services department performing iseriesimpact analysis and Code reviews for all iseries production promotions. Analyze programs for best coding practices as well as SQL Performance techniques. Unfortunately I joined exactly at a massive layoff and got caught up in it. But it was a good experience.

### Nov 2012– Sept 2013 – Senior Software Engineer – Kia Motors Design Center of America Worked on the Inventory Migration project utilizing RPGILE, SQLRPGLE. . Created new PDC Move System and redesigned forms using AFP with Overlays.

June 2011– October 2012 – Senior Software Engineer – Bank of America

Brought in to enhance and support the Single Family Default Mortgage HUD reporting system which is responsible for accurate reporting on default loans. Personally made several significant system modifications to bring this application under compliance. SQLRPG, prototypes and service programs in a multithreaded environment.

March 2004 – March 2010 – Senior Software Engineer – Bank of America/Countrywide Home Loans

Expert iSeries(AS400) Developer(RPGILE) maintaining and enhancing a Treasury System which handles many of the Treasury functions for Bank of America Home Loans.

Developed a Check Request System for one of Bank of Americas subsidiaries (HFT) whereby the .NET client was able to request checks from their own internet based application which interfaced with the iseries using Web Services and SQL stored procedures on the AS/400 backend.

Also converted some VB6 applications to .NET using C# as well as developed some reports using Crystal Reports .NET plugin and windows reporter.

Developed several DOMINO workflow applications (Application Tracking as well as Help Desk) for my department which are extensively used.

Other work history > 10 years can be provided.

Education and training

2014 - 2016 Launch Academy Ruby on Rails bootcamp

B.S. Degree, Coleman College, San Diego, CA Information Systems. Graduated with Honors

A.S. Degree, Southwestern College, San Diego, CA, Biology. Graduated with Honors

San Diego State University Emphasis in biology/general education.

Graduate of Dale Carnegie Human Relations course.

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