How to set up your github blog with your domain host.

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“As Strother Martin once said in cool hand luke…What we’ve got here…is a failure to communicate…”

So u wanna free(relatively) blog downloaded Jekyll, or Octopress, or some other “hacker” blogging software cause you are a hacker…well…a least a developer. For me well, I was just trying to save some money.

If you had a wordpress or something blog in the past, and you have your own domain name, and when someone enters that domain name, you want your github pages website to display, then read on.

I will skip the part where you went to github, and created a repository named, where username is your github username or organization. I mean, that’s why you are here right? Github stuff


Here is something weird. As an example. www.kenmcfadden…well…the www part is using my domain name as a subdomain. So is blog.kenmcfadden, or thedude.kenmcfadden. All subdomains. If your website has a url something like that, you are on the subdomain path. This post is for the other thing.

apex domain

The simple way to determine this …well if its not a subdomain then….

I like to think of it as having no prefixes. not blog.kenmcfadden, or www.kenmcfadden. Just That is an apex domain.

Okay here is what you do.

You can see these at Github IP addresses

Supposedly it takes 24 hours for this to take affect, so it won’t work right away. Go to bed, and when you awake in the morning run over to your computer and type in your domain name.

Ideally…is should work. My intention was to just address the scenario where someone is using specifically ipage.


DNS A-records require that an IP address be hard-coded into your application’s DNS configuration. This prevents your infrastructure provider from assigning your app a new IP address.

A CNAME record does not require hard-coded IP addresses. If you have a scenario where the IP address changes, you can set up a subdomain and then use a CNAME record. At some point I may do that if i have issues, but for now…My site is up!

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