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29 Apr 2015 | |

" much longer before we reach Notational Velocity?." ..."Jeem...I'm giving her all she's got!

You might be wondering what this entry is about. Over the years, I have used all kinds of tools to keep notes. The yellow Sticky thing that floats around, notepad, textmate, google docs and a google chrome extension, Evernote…I keep changing cause I never seem to be satisfied. Actually now that I think about it, I have used so many “note” keeps that I have lost a lot of notes in the morass over the years. Hopefully that will change!

I just want something that is always around, fast, and easy to use. I was experimenting with an IDE called ZED and there was some mention of interfacing with Notational Velocity National Velocity Website so I checked it out. Turns out its an editor and the reference had to do with the fact that Zed Zed Website sort of borrowed or got its idea for finding files from how NV works.

To make a very long story short. I love NV and I use it daily. I just like the way it works. Simple and fast. Give it a look-see.

NV screenshot

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