Happy New Year!

07 Jan 2018 | |

First post of the new year...been pretty busy picking up some Python and data science knowledge. I converted my Jekyll blog to a new template, because after the Jekyll update to 3.0 I just had too many weird things going on and I was tired of fixing them. Time to move on and upgrade. I don't expect as much trouble as an OS upgrade right? I miss Steve Jobs.

Markdown demo

01 Feb 2017 | | demo, markdown

Different examples of markdown content.

The origin of open source

01 Jan 2017 | |

"I am mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

what the heck is standard input

01 Oct 2015 | |

"it's anything that is non-standard." (I see an ebook there somewhere)

github pages with iPage

25 Sep 2015 | |

"As Strother Martin once said in cool hand luke...What we've got here...is a failure to communicate..."

notational velocity

29 Apr 2015 | |

"Scotty...how much longer before we reach Notational Velocity?." ..."Jeem...I'm giving her all she's got!
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