12 Apr 2018 | | rails

“Turbolinks 5 turns your rails application into a single-page application..”

Turbolinks 5 was a total rewrite. I summarize here why these changes have presented an alternative to the Angular/React approaches and how they reduce complexity of application development as well as the amount of developer resources needed to create and maintain said apps.

GO toolchain

22 Mar 2018 | | go, GO

The GO tool-chain

The GO tool-chain(which is used to compile apps) supports application development. Itprovides for testing, formatting, and documentation, as well as package management.

node event loop

16 Mar 2018 | | nodejs

the node event loop in a nutshell

I have a few other posts on the workings of node(lowrider.libuv) but this pull things together for a common GROK.


15 Mar 2018 | | rails


Rails-ujs was formerly JQuery-ujs but the JQuery dependency was removed hence the name change.


14 Mar 2018 | | rails

… there’s a big difference between a) keeping up with open source, and b) hitching your cart to every horse that struts by with shiny new shoes…Jerod Santo/changelog.com

Turbolinks(3.0 latest) and SPA type behaviors

rails glossary

14 Mar 2018 | | rails

Steven Hawking died last night..one of his goals was to understand the universe and why it was here…I wish for him..he is there now.

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