javascript concurrency

01 Feb 2018 | | javascript

“Captain’s log stardate… unknown. During an ion storm the landing party has beamed back to the Enterprise and found it and the personnel aboard changed. The ship is subtly altered physically. Behavior and discipline has become brutal, savage.” Startrek Mirror Mirror episode parallel universe.

Javascript does not run things in parallel


“Concurrency can be defined as multiple things happening in the same time frame..but not really at the same time.


17 Jan 2018 | | javascript

references and credits(Nicholas C. Zakas): Understanding ECMAScript 6

You’re a blockhead charlie brown!


23 Nov 2017 | | javascript, react

Reaction to React

Like everyone else, I see that React is taking the world by storm or so it would seem. I heard a Ruby Rogues podcast by DHH and he said:

“Still not a big fan on the framework side of things…React’s approach is sound but pairing up with redux..well is more convoluted and self-congratulatory in its complexity than anything I have seen since the dark ages of J2EE…and we have spent two decades on separation of concerns, and now react just says…Hey..lets put it all in the same box….that said…I found that a lot of the problems the new javascript technologies propose to solve are not problems that I have…”

I think I am going to wait till the hype dies down when and if I see a practical application. Not saying its bad or good, only that maybe its too much sugar for a dime as they say. Time will tell.

The origin of open source

01 Jan 2017 | |

“I am mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”

AS400 Resume

01 Jan 2017 | | as400

“Hard work makes up for lack of brains”…Jason Suma’s Dad

what the heck is standard input

01 Oct 2015 | |

“it’s anything that is non-standard.” (I see an ebook there somewhere)

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