is rails still viable?

14 Mar 2018 | | rails

… nobody ever changes their fucking mind about anything…

DHH rubyconference keynote 2017

DHH keynote talk

ok this is a weird one

10 Mar 2018 | | C

“Ok…this is a weird one…”


07 Mar 2018 | | javascript, nodejs

“All my friends drive a low rider And a low rider is a little lower… “ American funk band War

libuv - coolest logo of all time

07 Mar 2018 | | javascript, nodejs

“I am the coolest of all time!” (probably said by “The Fonz” )

watch for file changes with nodejs

04 Mar 2018 | | javascript, nodejs

Node the right way

01 Mar 2018 | | javascript, nodejs

I was in a small local mexican restaurant(with a little bar) once called Via Sombrero…they claimed to have the “best margaritas in town”…well..maybe the strongest…anyway I was sitting next to a fellow and the conversation drifted to New Orleans..where he was I said “New Orleans…I always wanted to go”…he put down his best margarita and said to me..”it’s Nawlons…if you’re gonna say it..say it right…well…I have looked at a LOT of node books…and this one written by Jim R. Wilson who works at Google..looks to me like a good one..cause…if you are gonna do node…do it right..

My dudley doo-right node notes

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