Notes/Posts on Tableau..coming soon

Sometime last year(or the year before...I had been playing with rails off and in between my previous developer jobs) I started to get worried about the decline of rails use and the rise of other languages. But I always believed that learning and knowing rails itself was a good foundation for any type of web programming in terms of how build a web application. Anyway..there were SO MANY jobs for python..and I had looked at it years ago..I decided to take another look. What's all the fuss? I even signed up for a course thru the University of Michigan via Coursera...anyway..long story short...incredibly cool language...the most impressive thing are the universe of packages that have been created with the language. Able to do just about anything. Panda, Numpy..Scipy..I could see that since the language was good for scientific computation scientists and statisticians had picked it up and developed tons of tools, especially in the area of data analysis and data science. The Jupyter notebook is about one of the coolest things I have ever seen and I can see myself using it for documentation possibly... the instructions would present the actual course with it, and as you were reading the lesson, you could be running python in the same paragraph.

Seriously I had the thought that if I had known then when I began rails what I know now, I would have chosen python possibly. But I always had a goal to master rails and work at a professional level with it creating websites, which I think compared to django is just as good, so for me its about staying the course, and finishing what I began. I have always been that way about most things. I just never give up. Time will tell if I made the right decision.

While researching data science I came across Tableau, and it reminded me a bit of sharepoint which I did at one time. I have always liked tools like that which can basically sort thru table like data and make beautiful graphs. It will be one of my part time studies. I can see it coming in handy at some point in time.