(React is under construction)

Like everyone else, I see that React is taking the world by storm or so it would seem. I am researching it. I heard a Ruby Rogues podcast from David Heinemeier Hansson the creator of Ruby on Rails, a guy whom I respect mightily mostly because of his philosophy on life and coding. And he drives race cars. And is a fan of remote work. Anyway on a recent podcast he basically said :

"Still not a big fan on the framework side of things...React's approach is sound but pairing up with redux..well redux is more convoluted and self-congratulatory in its complexity than anything I have seen since the dark ages of J2EE...and we have spent two decades on separation of concerns, and now react just says...Hey..lets put it all in the same box....that said...I found that a lot of the problems the new javascript technologies propose to solve are not problems that I have..."

So for now I will create a few applications till I feel I have a good understanding of what React has to offer but I am glad I found that podcast. I respect his opinion on this one. These days it's hard to separate the people who are promoting technologies because they hope to sell a book/blog/course from the people who truly have used the product and think its worth using. But hey...that's what the internet is these days. I think it was much harder to sell stuff with compuserve!

Food for thought as they say.