Why I like Rubymine

14 Feb 2015 | | rails

“I like tools and going to Home Depot to look at them. Even buy unfortunately.”

Anyone who does Rails is constantly trying out new tools it looks like anyway. I think the fear is…you will go to a job, and they will say..”we only use VIM here!”…or EMACS…well I tried them..and I hate them…but that said I did want to try one of the popular text editors. I use sublime, but now I have switched to Atom…they are about exactly the same but I just like the feel of Atom better.

BUT..I have always used JetBrain products going back to PHPStorm and Webstorm…so I was familiar with them, and the price was the same as what they want for sublime(Atom is free). Of course..we all know..Adobe made the best IDE’s in history..but I guess suffer from marketing!

JetBrains ruby/rails product is Rubymine. I pretty much use it most of the time. I can do everything that Sublime/Atom can do AND more. Here are a few of the things that shine, and I will update this post as I find more.

Rubymine things I like

  1. Model Dependency Diagram. It’s built it. You can see a visual representation of your model dependencies. To me I like it for reference sometimes when I am forgetting my “through” associations. Here is an example of a small app:

Rubymine Diagram

  1. Database Tool. I use SQLite, MySQL, and Postgres, mostly Postgres. For any of these database, Rubymine has a database tool that once you configure it to point to your database, gives you a tool to do all the normal database IDE functions. Modify records either via a table interface, or just use SQL. A picture is worth a thousand words:

Rubymine Database tool

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