The Song Remains the Same

25 Dec 2014 | | career

"When you get old in life...things get taken from you. That's part of life. But you only learn that when you start losing stuff." Al Pacino(On Any Given Sunday) </br>

Goodbye iSeries

The date of this blog is Christmas Day. I think on Christmas day I was doing the things most Dad’s do, trying to manage the Christmas present wrapping paper trash, and at the same time reliving christmas past thru the christmas present with my family. At this age I am past presents, at least the physical ones. Been there done that.

I have reached a decision point in my working life. The type I development I have done for years is fading away. And I realized that in order to keep doing what I really enjoy as a job I need to re-tool. I decided to move to Ruby and Ruby on Rails and NodeJS/Javascript. I started Tealeaf Academy and I am not looking back. My friends say “hey…Christmas is for kids!”..but I say…everyone enjoys Christmas. Wish me luck.

def say_hello_rails
puts "Hi there!"
puts "Every language seems to have a puts."
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