About Me

Hi. I am Ken McFadden. I am a Ruby/Ruby on Rails and iSeries Developer. Thank you for visiting.

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I currently offer Ruby/Ruby on Rails & IBM iSeries/DB2 consulting

  • I do the job right and keep it simple.
  • Agile and TDD/BDD test driven and behavior driven development.
  • Project Management expertise.
    • The plan is nothing, the planning is everything. (attributed to Dwight D Eisenhower during the planning for D-day the invasion of Normandy)
    • When the map and the terrain differ, believe the terrain.
    • There is no limit to what you can acheive if you don’t care who gets the credit.
  • Useful Repertoire of Deep Thoughts. Fun guy(relatively).
    • “Hard work makes up for lack of brains…”

My Philosphy on programming

* There are many solutions to any given problem or task.
* Each person because of the individualy of each mind and spirit most 
  likely will have a different way of doing things.
* Its's important to realize that after taking into consideration experience lever
  etc of the person, all things being equal, their may not be a best way, or at least
  it't probably not worth the time to debate or argue.
* Consider the facts, choose a solution, and adjust as and if necessary. Move on as there
  is too much to do.