This section of my site will contain coding notes and observations on the Golang(Go) programming language and some C. GO is mainly my focus but I like to sprinkle some 'C' in there dependent on time. I find that looking and coding GO & C exercises the muscles I have that seem to get weak from sitting on the ROR couch all day. Also is in keeping with my belief that reviewing multiple languages is always a benefit to the main language you happen be focused on. You see coding approaches/idea's that open you mind a bit.

The C Programming Language

I have come across references to The C programming language many times in my the following sense..I see constructs in java or C# or javascript or python or ruby or perl...Swift/objective C...just about any language..and they all show their roots in C. If fact even the operating systems of the IBM platforms i used to work on were written in C/C++. Most open source languages have libraries underneath which came from C.

The GO(golang) Programming Language

GO was created by a few of the guys who created C as sort of a replacement. At Google Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson were attempting to create a language for modern systems programming that solved real -world problems they encountered while building large systems at scale.

Some interesting things about GO:

Go-Go Gophers

  • It has a built in package system
  • It has a built in tools for testing, documentation and a code-formatter.
  • Natively supports multiple function return values with out some type of hacking
  • Concurrency with goroutines and channels
  • GO has a built in webserver since it does not need one to do the multi-threading among other things.