The C Programming Language

I have come across references to The C programming language many times in my the following sense..I see constructs in java or C# or javascript or python or ruby or perl...Swift/objective C...just about any language..and they have the same keywords in C..and I was always curious...we have all these different languages..but they really cannot seem to get away from the grandfather of them all. If there was no C where would we be?

In my study of the NODEJS event loop I was looking at some LIBUV code, which provides the event loop, and I thought..hey...this stuff is really useful...might as well pick up some C...and now that I have..I am SHOCKED about how many concepts have been borrowed from the language.

Useful tid-bits I find in the language which I think are pretty useful I will file here. Or just anything I find interesting, which is just about everything with that language. Maybe I should have cut out the middle man and just become a C programmer.